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All in one: Fantastic sound, great looks, unmatched quality and all legal

For most of us, a pure and unclouded driving experience go hand-in-hand with a matching exhaust sound. Everything here at KessTecch is focussed on providing the best Sound! Our slogan “Feel the Sound.” highlights this. No other exhaust manufacturer succeeds so well in bringing the exhaust sound so pure and at the same time legal to the streets. During the majority of your ride, our newest electronics ensure that the activated sound system enables the driver a unique sound experience and it can be driven totally legal at the same time. These electronics ensure that the exhaust sound complies with the applicable laws.

In other words: owners of a KessTech adjustable exhaust system can nearly permanently enjoy the legal sound after the electronics were activated. You as the driver decide when and where you want to drive activated or deactivated (closed). Out of the city, along winding roads, into the sun, pure freedom on two wheels – the perfect time for the activated mode of our rich sounding KessTech exhaust systems. Or…In the evening on your way back home, into your neighborhood, gliding by the barbecuing and chilling neighbors – now in the deactivated mode, with a quiet and friendly exhaust tone while greeting your neighbors with a smile… 

The evolution of KessTech

It all begun with our MMV (manual mechanically adjustable sound system). The MMV can be opened and closed within seconds with a simple tool. In the closed version the MMV systems has an EC type approval. After the MMV we developed our first exhaust system with electronics: the first generation of our Electronic Sound Management Systems (ESM1) was born which enables the rider to activate or deactivate the sound management at the touch of a button. With the introduction of ESM2 we could further optimize the sound and performance. Today we are “state of the art” with our ESM3: no other manufacturer unites sound, quality and operating comfort in such a convenient package like KessTech does. A successful market introduction reflects trade press, dealers and customer’s appreciation of our exhaust system. 

Klappe auf

exhaust valve opened

If the system has been activated, the electronics control the opening and the closing of the exhaust valve according to the regulations. Thanks to the precision of our exhaust controls, you will hardly notice the moment, when the exhaust valve closes. The controls are laid out so that you will drive practically always with an open exhaust valve and yet legal. Whenever you as driver feel like enjoying the full sound, you can drive in the activated mode, when on a country side road, driving thru hills and valleys or passing by your city café – you will love it!

exhaust valve closed

exhaust valve closed

When the electronics have been deactivated, the exhaust valve is closed. The exhaust system will sound similar to the replaced quiet original OEM exhaust.  Whenever you feel like, you can drive quietly, in a residential zone, passing by the city park or when arriving home late…!

KessTech dealers, your exhaust specialist

KessTech High Tech adjustable exhaust systems are made in Germany. For the best product advice, service and proper exhaust installation we recommend you contact one of our trained and certified dealers. Our dealers are specialists who know our high quality products inside out – you will be in safe hands with your bike.

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