KessTech News

KessTech News

  • 30.03.2017
    In summary…

    … EURO4 & ASEP

  • 23.03.2017
    KessTech - EURO 4 now!

    Enjoy the distinctive KessTech sound.

  • 14.02.2017
    Harley-Davidson got the King, we got the fitting end mufflers!

    2017er Road King® Special meets Round End Long

  • 08.02.2017
    The French KessTech is growing!

    Stephane Roulleau has joined the team

  • 07.02.2017
    KessTech Sound for 2017 BMW

    EURO4 systems for BMW and BMW GS Adventure available

  • 23.01.2017
    We are ready to rock and roll!

    Exhaust systems for 2017 touring models are available for shipping now.

  • 18.01.2017
    A Tom for Harley and a Tom for BMW – KessTech Sales in Germany

    Thomas Wörtz has taken on the exhaust sales responsibility at KessTech for the BMW brand in Germany

  • 12.01.2017
    New KessTech website was well received

    We not only continue to develop our exhaust systems, but our website as well. What‘s new?

  • 13.12.2016
    The new Marketing/Press Team of KessTech

    See the faces behind the names here.

  • 25.10.2016
    MY 2017 Delivery Times for Exhaust Systems

    See the promised MY 2017 update on the availability of our exhaust systems.

  • 07.03.2016
    KessTech meets HARLEY & SNOW

    This year KessTech sponsored Speedhillclimb HARLEY & SNOW in South-Tirol. Learn more about it!

  • 10.02.2016
    KessTech Sound comes to the Netherlands and Belgium

    Dutch and Belgian Harley-Davidson and BMW riders now experience the unique KessTech sound.

  • 18.11.2015
    Finally ESM3!

    Finally, it is done! We proudly present our update regarding our new ESM3-system.

  • 24.09.2015
    KessTech quality achieves ISO 9001

    KessTech achieves ISO 9001 for its over all great product quality standards.

  • 17.09.2015
    „Sound at its best“ – KessTech plus Ohrenfeindt about to rock!

    KessTech plus Ohrenfeind = Sound at its best. Check out our latest live event cooporation in Hamburg!

  • 03.09.2015
    New generation of the KESSTECH electronic – ESM3

    The KESSTECH team is giving its best every day to enable each motorcyclist his very own personally driving pleasure.

  • 01.09.2015
    KessTech further strengthens its sales team

    Two new employees will support the sales team of KessTech starting this autumn.

  • 06.08.2015
    Sneak Preview on our new silencer prototype

    Learn more about our new silencer prototype R1200R.

  • 12.02.2015
    KessTech strengthens R&D Team

    As of 1 March 2015, Thomas Bastian will join the KessTech team as Head of R&D.

  • 13.01.2015
    Sound Upgrade for BMW R nine T

    KessTech presents the new sound upgrade for BMW R nine T. Learn more about it!